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Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

Islam is a peace not terrort

A. Understanding Islam Rahmatan lil'alamin

1. Definition of  Islam

The word "Islam" is the Arabic word is "salama" which sourced as "Islaman" it means peace.

2. Understanding rahmatan

The word 'rahmatan "is the Arabic word" rohima "which sourced as" rahmatan' it means loving care.

3. Understanding lil'alamin

The word "Al-alamin" is an Arabic word that is "natural" that pluraled to "alamin", which means the universe that includes the earth and its contents.

So is the islam is islam rahmatan lil'alamin whose presence in the middle of life for communities to realize peace and human affection and natural magic.
B. Condition the state of the Earth Before Islam

Islam is a religion that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW is when the Prophet was 14 years old.

The state of the earth before the advent of Islam is a very bad state and menggenaskan where most of the people there to worship trees, stones, statues (idols), the sun, moon and stars, even some who worship in which all human beings are creatures of Allah.

Man who lived in times when it no longer has a sense of humanity and justice. Strong will be more upright and feared, while the weak will be more oppressed.

Human habits when it no longer reflects the man who has been given reasonable as he loved to think and reflect on Allah's grace and ni'mat sense but they have been subjugated by the passions. Injustice occurs everywhere. They even have the heart to mengubus alive girls who had just been born by his mother. Because they assume that girls are a disgrace for them.

C. Carried By The Prophet of Islam Muhammad

Muhammad was born in Makkah in 570 talon. karma's father died before he and his mother mcmnggal dilahukan in the not long after his father, make it in raised by his uncle from the respected tribe of Quraysh. He was, in large, state of illiteracy, can not read and write until he died Masyarakataya, before he got the message of prophecy, is a society which cares nothing for the knowledge and most of them are illiterate. When he stepped on, an adult, he was known for telling the truth, honest, trustworthy, generous and noble. He's very trustworthy, so he got the nickname al-amin (trustworthy person). Muhammad SAW is the tack of religion. And he hated the moral corruption and idolatry committed people.

At the age of 40 years, Muhammad received the first Revelation, dart through the medium of Allah SWT. the angel Gabriel. The revelations came down for 23 years, and kurnpulan revelation called the Qur'an.

Not long after he began to recite the Qur'an and spread the truth that Allah has sent down to him, he and a small group of dart sahababat meadapatkan torment unbelievers. Because the torture intensified scmakin in 622 make-Allah ordered them to emigrate, emigration. Medina and Mecca to the city within 260 miles north. Which marked the start of perfutuagan, kaleader for Muslims.

After several years, Muhammad SAW and his companions pars able to return to Makkah, where they give forgiveness to his enemies. Before Muhammad died at the age of 63 years, most people have embraced the Arab sememjung agarna. Islam and the kemangkatannya Abed, Islam had spread to the western section Spayol and east to China. among the factors that make falctor. Islam spread quickly and peacefully is because truth and clarity. doktnmya. Muslims only believe in Allah SWT ask Almighty God is He worth in Worship

A. Islam Religion Rahmatan Lil'alamin

The presence of Islam in the world to make major changes in human life, especially in developing i1mu. of knowledge. Islam Karma intelegasinya memerintalikan to use the power and obsession, in a few years the spread of Islamic civilization and universities is growing rapidly, Berta new thinking with a long lead to progress in medical fields, mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, arstektur, semi-literary and history. Many crucial systems such as algebra, Arabic numerals, and the concept of zero (very dipedukan number in the progress of the exact sciences) that is spread to medieval Europe from Islam and the Duma. Sophisticated equipment that allows prang prang-European to travel to the invention such as the astrolabe, the quadrant, pets navigation "also developed by the Muslims. That is why Islam is called the religion of mercy and al'amin since Islam came into the world takes the karma that really count for humans are not Muslims but the entire Baja Allah's creation in the universe, including non mislim.

A lot of the Islamic contribution to the development of science in the bumf, some of them:

Grace is the gift of a religious split in two. Rahman and the grace in the context of grace in the context of the uterus. Rahman is mercy in this context is Amma kulla syai 'covers everything, so that those non-Muslims have the right kerahmanan. Kerahmatan Rahim Allah is the only given

to the people of Islam. So it is Khoshshun lil uterus Muslim. If islam is done correctly, rahman and allah uterus will drop everything.

Thus the laws applicable law. Both Muslims and non Muslims if they do the things necessary kerahmanan, then they will get results. Although they are Muslims but they do not do ikhsiar kerahmanan, then they will not get the result. In other words, it applies the law of the gift rahman competitive. For example, Islam does not do the learning activities it can not and will not be smart. While people who do endeavor kerahmanan despite their non-Muslim he will gain knowledge.

B. Medical Sciences (womb)

In the holy book the Qur'an Allah says about the stages of human embryo growth and we have indeed created man from a quintessence (derived) from the ground. Then we placed him mammy water (stored) in a solid place (the womb) Then we made the semen was "alaqoh (leeches, blood clot, something that is hanging and a blood clot), then" we make these alaqoh Mudghah (material chewed) (QS Al-Mu'minun :12-14).

12. And the fact we have been created man from a quintessence (derived) from the ground.

13. Then we placed him as semen (stored) in a solid place (the womb).

14. Then we made the semen of a blood clot, then We made the clot a lump of flesh, and we make it a piece of flesh bones, then we wrap the bones with flesh. Then we took him as a creature that (form) else. So it be to Allah Almighty, Creator of the best.

Material terms of the word "alaqoh has three meanings: (1) leech, (2) something hanging (3) a blood clot.

For that distinguishes the embryonic leech at the level of "alaqoh, we find similarities between the two, at this stage of hu jugs get food through the mother's blood, together with the leeches that eat through the blood of others.

The second meaning of the word "alaqoh is" something to hang the dependence of the embryo, during the period, "alaqoh in the mother's womb.

The third and word meaning. -Alaqoh is a blood clot. "The appearance and the embryo and the pocket as long as, at the stage of 'alaqoh similar to the blob, blood. This is caused because a relatively large presence of blood in the embryo at the (' alaqoh) this,"

C. Geography science

Books that berjdul "Earth" is a reference base in various universities around the world. One author is Professor Emeritus Frant Press. He is an adviser. Science is told in his book that the mountains have strong roots. The roots were firmly into the ground. With mountains demkian seoerti a peg-shaped.

Thus the Qur'an gives a description of the mountains. SWF Allah says in the Qur'an (bukankkah we have made the earth as a bed? And the mountains as pegs?) (Annabah Qs 6-7)

Modern geography has membuktilm that the mountains have a solid roots beneath the surface of bumf, and the roots can reach many times high above the earth's surface. So the most appropriate word to describe mountains on the information this is the peg. Because, most of the roots of the truth lies hidden beneath the earth's surface.

History tells us that the same theory of the mountains which have strong roots have been introduced in 1966 by an astronomer. Sir George Airl.

Jugs mountains play an important role in stabilizing the crust of the earth. Mountains to withstand the vibrations of the earth. Allah says in Al-qur'ran:


And he plugged the mountains in the earth so that earth does not shake with you, (and he created) the rivers and roads that ye may be guided, (Surat an-Nahl: 15)

Can a man living at the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW to know the actual shape of the mountain? Can one imagine that the solid massive mountain which he sees before him actually extends into the ground and have a peg, as the scientists say? Modern geography has confirmed the truth of the verses of Al-qur'ran them. Islam as an Rahmatan Lil'alamin.


For 15 centuries, Islam in the face of this earth, the implementation of mercy for the universe has expanded almost all over the world. Etymologically, Islam means peace, while rahmatan lil `alamin means` compassion for all creatures'. So Islam is a Rahmatan lil'alamin is the presence of Islam in public life are able to realize peace and compassion for both people and nature.

Rahmatan lil'alamin the Quranic term and the term is already contained in the Koran, which is as Allah says in Surat Al-Anbiya 'paragraph 107:

And We sent thee not, but for (a) mercy for all creatures.

The verse confirms that if Islam is done correctly, by itself will give grace to Muslims as well as for the whole of nature.

Grace is the gift that the religious teaching is divided into two, in the context rahman mercy and grace in the context of the uterus. Rahman is mercy in this context is ammakulla syai ', covering everything, so that any non-Muslim people have a right kerahmanan. Kerahmatan Rahim Allah is the only given to the Muslims. So it is khoshshun lil uterus Muslims. If done correctly Islam, Allah Rahman and uterus will drop everything.

Thus the laws applicable law; both Muslims and non-Muslims if they do the things required by kerahmanan, then they will have it. In spite of Islam, but if not do kerahmanan endeavor, then they will not get the result. In other words, the gift is valid law rahman competitive example of Muslims who do not engage in economic activities, it can not and will not prosper. While people who do kerahmanan endeavor, though he non-Muslims, they will gain economic prosperity. Since in this case they got the true nature of God's universal kerahmanan (amnia kulla syai '). The right to heaven there are pads nature of her womb Allah SWT, then who gets mercy is the mulmin. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn is that rahmatan lil'alamin unity of God's gifts in nature terlingkup and kerahmanan mercy of God.

In the context of Islam rahmatan lil'alamin, Islam has set the theological aspects concerning the relationship tats, ritual, social, and humanities.

In theological terms, Islam gives the formula that must be firmly believed by all its followers, but this can not be used as an excuse to force non-Muslims embrace Islam. As soon as the level of ritual that is already defined operations in the Qur'an and the Hadith. However, in a social context, Islam is really only talking about the basic provisions or the pillar-pilamya emahan flight operations detailed and comprehensive understanding and agreement depends pads each community, which of course has a unique value based on the diversity of the locality and its history.

The entity recognizes Islam as a blessing lil'alamin because Islam regards the existence of a plurality of plurality as the laws, which God tests the function of human pads, social facts, and social engineering (social engineering) the progress of mankind. And Allaah knows best bishshawab.

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